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Inspire - Educate - Conserve

We teamed up to build a demonstration garden at Crail Ranch using native plants that are wildlife friendly, water wise, and preserving of the historic landscape.

Why Plant Native Plants?

  • Native plants are adapted to local conditions, requiring less fertilizer and pesticides.

  • Native plants require less watering to thrive and can help control stormwater runoff.

  • Native plants can help with air quality by reducing area for mowing and sequestering carbon.

  • Native plants provide food and shelter for wildlife and support pollinators.

Grow Wild!

Native plants are the foundation of the terrestrial food web.

Because animals directly or indirectly depend on plants for their food, the diversity of animals in a particular habitat is very closely linked to the diversity of the plants in that habitat.

Build it and they will nest!

In our 2nd full growing season, a white-crowned sparrow nested and successfully reared her young among the prairie sage in our largest garden.

Crail Gardens are located at the Historic Crail Ranch,

2100 Spotted Elk Rd, Big Sky, and are open for touring

during daylight hours 7 days a week.

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Origins of the Gardens at Crail Ranch

In 2017, the caretaker of the small flower garden at Crail Ranch reached out to the Alliance for expert assistance on weed and flower identification. During the site visit, it was determined about half of the plants in the flower garden were invasive species.

Talks about revitalizing and improving the garden began, with a focus on native species. Once word spread, other local groups expressed interest in helping with the project due to similar mission and goals of sustainable land and water stewardship. The project has grown from improving one small garden, to improving the entire landscape area at Crail Ranch.

Historic Crail Ranch is a tangible reminder of the life of the earliest European settlers of the Big Sky area. This garden showcases the native species that the pioneers would have found in the landscape.

Thank you to our partners, funders, donors, and volunteers for helping us build our garden!

Beth MacFawn Landscape Design
Big Sky Community Organization
Big Sky Landscaping
Big Sky Owners Association
Big Sky Resort Tax
Big Sky Water & Sewer

Big Timberworks

Cross Charitable Foundation

Gallatin Canyon Women's Club
Gallatin Conservation District

Gallatin River Task Force

Gallatin Waterworks

Great Bear Native Plants

Historic Crail Ranch
Meadowview II LLC
Moonlight Community Foundation
Quarry Works

Rotary Club of Big Sky
Spanish Peaks Community Foundation
Westscape Nursery
Yellowstone Club Community Foundation


We want to send a special thanks to our bench and garden sponsors!


Yellowstone Club Community Foundation

Big Sky Owners Association

Rotary Club of Big Sky

Spanish Peaks Community Foundation

Gallatin Conservation District

Cross Charitable Foundation

Steve & Rhonda Karl

Donate to help us maintain our native garden & grow wild!

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