Landowner Assistance Program

Active stewardship by landowners is critical to ensure the health of both private property and public lands in and around Big Sky.

The Alliance provides landowners with the tools and resources to address invasive plants using best management practices and adaptive strategies.










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From those we've helped

Jennifer was amazing, this free service is outstanding. I cannot say enough about how incredible it is that we have this free resource at our fingertips. Wish other homeowners in Big Sky realized what is available to them and would utilize it. Some owners just don't seem to care about noxious weeds. We do - thank you

for all you do!!

The Alliance is such a valuable resource. Their help has let us become more independent and educated in how to address invasive species in our property and in the neighborhood.

Beyond diagnosing problems and outlining solutions, Jen provides a spectrum of options to consider and the respective pros and cons of
each. The result is a comprehensive strategy for
managing noxious weeds, along with promoting desirable native plants. With each visit over the years, she monitors my progress and identifies new priorities in my quest for a beautiful, healthy native landscape.

The greater Big Sky area is approximately 50,000 acres of private land which is parceled out to thousands of individual landowners.


The lack of resource management knowledge combined with

the nature of a resort community (high turnover rates of property ownership, non-resident ownership, and development of vacant land) creates an environment conducive

to invasive species

invasion and spread.

Cabin by the Lake

To address this, the Alliance

works to empower landowners

to manage invasive species

on their own properties

through free one-on-one site visits. 


We provide landowners with the tools and resources to

execute ecologically based

invasive species management

using best management practices and adaptive management strategies.